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Sri Datta Anjaneya Temple


Sri Datta Anjaneya Temple. Aluva 360 Virtual Tour

The 360-degree virtual tour of  Sri Datta Anjaneya Temple helps the online visitors to explore this temple from anywhere and at any time.

Devotees entering the temple through the entrance gopura can see the Datta charitable clinic on the right side, bookstall, and annapoorna mandiram(a kitchen dining complex) on the left. A beautiful entrance to the temple welcomes the devotees to redress all their grievances.

Temple of Lord Sidharaja Dattatreya built in stone is seen at the center a bit elevated. The deity with a smiling appearance has got Sankh(couch shell), Chakra(discus), Damaru(small drum), Thrissul (trident), Kamandalu(water vessel), Kamadhenu(the divine cow who is capable of fulfilling any wishes of the baktha)and Abhaya Hastha(a hand ready to save, console and redress). The idol has six eyes six hands embracing the devotees and thus stands sidharaja dattathreya, the trinity, taking care of the devotees.

At the backside of the temple on the way for perambulation is an Oudumbara Vriksha(Malayalam-athimaram, English-fig tree, Botanical name- Ficus Carika). It is a tree which is very very dear to the lord.

On to the left of the main temple is the temple of Mahaganapathy with all the charisma and abhayamudra(a gesture showing ready to solve, save) assuring to remove all the physical, mental, and spiritual obstructions experienced by the devotees. On the right side is the temple of Karyasidhi Anjaneya.

An idol of Nagendra is consecrated along with Karyasidhi Anjaneya on the southwest side of the temple. Idols of Navagrahas in front of Anjaneya temple was consecrated on 22nd April 2001 by Sri Swamiji. To the left of the temple, there is the prayer hall and gurumandira (the place where Sri Swamiji resides during his visits) and there is a bathing ghat at river Periyar for the physical and spiritual hygiene of the devotees.

Created by   Leen Thobias    P4Panorama    


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