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Have you seen a photograph and felt like you’ve visited the place? Well, that’s what 360° photography does to you. It takes you places just like you’ve been there! P4Panorama, the pioneer in 360° photography, has been successful in setting a trend of taking users around places virtually. Our team led by Leen Thobias, a Google trusted photographer, aims at enhancing your visual experiences by transporting you to your desired destinations and locations, and helping you have a better experience of what you see on screen.

Virtual Reality in Future

VR photography is something that makes your illusion of being at a place feel almost real! This is also why virtual reality has been a part of several industries. It helps you walk through a place rather than allowing you to just see a still picture of the place.

Today, VR is largely used across several industries to make it easier to relate and is highly impactful to businesses. Let’s take a look at some of the major industries where virtual reality has proved to be beneficial.

Here, at P4Panorama, we aim at giving you an almost real experience of being where you wish to be.
While with us, you can just “Be Here, Be There”!

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Pearls Academy CBSE School, Aurangabad

The management of Zulekha Motiwala Social Welfare Charitable Trust took the initiative to start an Islamic theme-based preschool AMES Kids in the year 2009 a symbol of Quality Education with modern amenities. The management also resolved that the primary and high school would be launched as Pearls Academy in its new campus. The school aims for 21st-century modern education with an Islamic approach to prepare our community children for the competitive world.

With a humble beginning in the basement of Amanullah Motiwala Urdu School Times Colony, 60 learners and 5 educators of AMES kids began their journey of teaching and learning. The studies of Deeniyat got introduced from day one, and later the Quranic studies were added gradually with a planned curriculum. The academic team was led by an able Head Mrs Tapti Haldar, whereas Mr Yusuf Hussain led the admin team. Both the leaders took efforts to take the school to high standards and attained parents expectations. There was no stopping after the successful year one the school grew in leaps and bound, as every year around 100 learners got added to the list. Mohammed Sayeed, a motivational trainer from Bangalore, was mentoring facilitators for the futuristic plan. Md Ziauddin Khan also played a vital role in taking AMES Kids to the next level with his leadership skills.

AMES Kids did not only established academic standards in the city but was shining bright in co-scholastic activities too. The school got many laurels as it participated in various events like – Lokmat Times Campus Club, various inter-school activities, Olympiad exams and Sports competitions. Programs that strengthened to build the personality of individual learners like celebrations of colour days, themes based annual functions, sports meet were a part of the school’s annual calendar.

AMES Kids was awarded as one of the Best Preschool at National Level by AKS Education, Mr Md Ibrahim Ashraf, was privileged to receive this award at New Delhi.

Today AMES Kids is led by Ms Feroza Ahmed, a committed educator with a vast experience of 40 years. She is a strong lady with a soft heart who is a mentor to the educators and a friend to the learners. Mr Quazi Abul Hasan carries the responsibility of the Admin Team.

As a progression to AMES Kids, the management visioned a K-12 English medium school with an Islamic Culture. This school was proposed to be affiliated with the CBSE Board, New Delhi. The learners’ of grade 1 to grade 4 were shifted to Pearls Academy a new campus at Harsul Sawangi in the year 2014. Ms Shama Khan, Ms Shireen Shoeb Arifi played their roles as academic leaders.

As AMES Kids and Pearls Academy were growing every academic year, the enrollment increased to 850+ students.

Mr Saber Ahmad Shaikh, having experience of leading corporate schools was appointed as the Principal of Pearls Academy in the year 2016. Mr Saber got stability and growth to the institution with his managerial skills. He successfully got the school affiliated with the CBSE board in the year 2017-18. In the academic year, 2018-19 Ms Zainab Khan, having 18 years of experience with the Cambridge and IB curricula, took charge as the Academic Head.

Prof Dr Suhail Ahmed Khan retired Principal Marathwada College of Education Aurangabad, and member NAAC voluntarily mentors the educators, learners and school leadership as the first batch of Grade 10 prepares to appear for CBSE board exams in the year 2019-20.

Anticipating the future needs for the development of the school and entering into the Senior Secondary level, Dr Nayer Iqbal, having 18 years of vast experience, takes charge as the School Principal. In his capacity as the Principal, he has taken up the challenge to groom the students, teachers, and school to an expected higher level.

The School Development Team focusing on the futuristic development plans is now led by Mr Muneer Deshmukh. The management has planned for Residential Facility, Senior Secondary, Hifz Academy, Sports Academy & Foundation course. The entire team is committed to establishing a learner-centred environment and believes in a professional approach. InshaAllah, we will achieve the desired goals with this team of dedicated individuals.

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