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Sree Narayana Gurukulam, Chempazhanthy


Sree Narayana Gurukulam, Chempazhanthi, Kerala, India

Chempazhanthy is a village in the suburbs of Thiruvananthapuram City, the capital of Kerala state in India, which lies about 7 km north. Chempazhanthy became notable after the birth of Sree Narayana Guru. There was a small hut called “Vayalvaaram” where Sree Narayana Guru was born, in the Malayalam Era year 1032 in the Malayalam month of ‘Chingam’ under the star ‘Chathayam’ (August 1856 AD). His father was Maadan (Maadan Aasan). His mother was Kuttiamma. They had four children, one boy (Guru) and three girls.
The S.N. College is the landmark of the area.

History of Chempazhanthy

Chempazhanthy was the hereditary base of “Chempazhanthy Pillai” one of the powerful lords among Ettuveetil Pillamar. Also Aniyoor a place in chempazhanthi was where the famous meeting between Sree Narayana guru and chattambi swami took place and they discussed the social situation of kerala> Recently a “Smruthi Mandapam ” was erected at the location as a remembrance of their meeting.

Sri Narayana Guru

This place has an international reputation as it is the birthplace of Sri Narayana Guru. The ancient Vayalvaram House, where the Guru was born is situated beside the Manackkal Temple.  This house and land were later purchased by the Sivagiri Mutt.  This house is known as Vayalvaram House because the house was situated on the banks of Vayal (paddy field).  In order to protect this house properly, a roof has been erected recently.  The Guru, during his youthhood, conducted classes for children.  Later there started a primary school which was handed over to the Government.  People from all over the world visit this holy place to study the teachings of the Guru.

The Birthday celebrations of the Guru has become a festival of the local people.  Besides, Chempazhanthy Gurukula Convention (Seminars on the Guru ’s philosophy) is being conducted in the month of April every year.  Monthly camps, Vinayaka Chathurthy (a ritual connected to Lord Ganapathy), Navarathry Pooja, initiation into learning, study classes etc., are also conducted.

Thiruvananthapuram District
Phone: 0471-2595121

Location: 13 Km North of the Trivandrum Railway Station.

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