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Leotech Group, UAE


Leotech Group, UAE  360 Virtual Reality Tour.

The virtual tour of Leotech Group, UAE will help us to explore their facilities without leaving our places.

Leotech Group’s large warehouses, distribution centers, and other cold-storage applications demand quiet, efficient, and dependable operation. Providing precisely engineered components for optimum performance, Leotech Group delivers on all counts. Serving the Middle East, Africa, and many Russian countries, Leotech Group is the only cold storage supplier and installer.

Since 1996, Leotech Group has provided our clients with a comprehensive range of cooling systems and services such as feasibility studies, system design, build, installation, service and maintenance, existing system analysis, and recommendations for performance improvements.

Leotech Group utilizes superior technology and advanced refrigeration techniques to provide innovative solutions to your specific cold storage and freezing needs. Designed in accordance with applicable industry standards.

Leotech Group’s refrigeration systems meet the requirements, suggestions, and recommendations of FDA, HACCP, and ISO of which we are members.

Our Vision is to become the most highly reputed and Professional Refrigeration Industry Solution provider of the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia, capable of defining, designing, developing, and delivering installations that endure and leave customers at ease and confidence.

The mission of Leotech L L C in the field of refrigeration is to establish the culture of quality in this market segment by installing the most appealing and efficiently functioning cold storages, building and supplying ice machines, undertaking community cooling projects and large warehouse projects for the Govt. and Pvt sectors alike. Installations with a comprehensive warranty, extended warranty, and annual maintenance contracts on a 24/7/365 scale, across the Arabian Gulf.

Created by   Leen Thobias    P4Panorama    

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