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Wonder la Amusement Park,Kochi


Get all set to have a magical experience at the Wonder la Amusement park in Kochi. Here is where the fun begins for the entire family!!! There are thrillers, water-based rides, and land-based rides to choose from. There are also special rides for the children that are both safe and gentle. The hi-tech 1.5 G Force rides at Wonderla are not just rides, but ultimate thrillers built using the latest technology. These adrenalin-pumping monsters are wicked and unpredictable, and take you on a ride that's truly mind-blasting! Wonderla brings you the biggest variety of water rides that are filled with water and lots of fun!! From watery coasters to fun pools to beach like wave pools to a rain disco where you can dance away in the rain to a lazy river to float, you can splash around, as much as you want. The dry rides at Wonderla comprise state-of-the-art land rides. Packed with fun and adventure, these rides are full of surprises - from an amazing 3D virtual reality to India's biggest musical fountain and laser show. There is something for everyone here! The Wonderla Amusement Park is a special treat for the children. Our kid's rides are gentle yet fun-filled and are sure to bring laughter on to the faces of the young ones.

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