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Thrissur Pooram


Thrissur Pooram

Take the 360-degree virtual reality tour of Thrissur Pooram.

Thrissur Pooram (തൃശ്ശൂര്‍ പൂരം) was the brainchild of Raja Rama Varma, famously known as Sakthan Thampuran, the Maharaja of Cochin. Before the start of Thrissur Pooram, the largest temple festival in Kerala was the one-day festival held at Aarattupuzha known as Arattupuzha Pooram.

Sakthan Thampuran ordained the temples into two groups, namely “Paramekkavu side” and “Thiruvambady side”. These are headed by the principal participants, Paramekkavu Bagavathi Temple at Thrissur Swaraj Round and Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple at Shoranur road. The two temples are hardly 500 meters apart.

Flag Hoisting
The pooram officially begins from the event of flag hoisting (കൊടിയേറ്റം).

The flag hoisting ceremony (Kodiyettam) begins seven days before Trissur Pooram. All the participating temples of Thrissur Pooram are present for the ceremony, and there is a light firework to announce the commencement of the festival.

Display of fireworks 
The first round of pyrotechnics, known as Sample Vedikettu, happens on the fourth day after the flag hoisting of the Pooram. It is a one-hour show by Thiruvambady and Paramekkavu Devaswoms. Swaraj Round is the venue for this fireworks and starts at 7:15 pm.
Main pooram
The pooram starts at the time of Kanimangalam sasthavu ezhunnellippu in the early morning and is followed by the ezhunnellippu of the other six temples. One of the major events in Thrissur Pooram is “Madathil varavu”, a panchavadhyam melam, participating more than 200 artists, with instruments such as thimila, madhalam, trumpet, cymbal, and edakka. At 2:00, inside the vadakkumnathan temple starts the Ilanjithara melam, consisting of drum, trumpets, pipe, and cymbal.

The pooram has a good collection of elephants (more than 50) decorated with nettipattam (decorative golden headdress), strikingly crafted Kolam, decorative bells, and ornaments.

At the end of the pooram, after the Ilanjithara melam, both Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi groups enter the temple through the western gate, come out through the southern gate and array themselves face to face in distant places.

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