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St.Alphonsa Divine Home, Bharananganam


St.Alphonsa Divine Home, Bharananganam

Watch and share the 360-degree virtual reality tour of St.Alphonsa Divine Home, Bharananganam, Kottayam

St.Alphonsa Divine Home Bharananganam is a famous Pilgrim Spot of pentad importance which attracts people from far and wide. This is the Campus of Saint Alphonsa which encompasses the Franciscan Clarist Convent that molded the saint, the Convent Chapel where she maintained a close relationship with her Lord, the Well from where she drew water, the School   where she studied and the Museum that holds her sacred relic. This building is the Vernacular School where the Saint did her Seventh Standard.

The first Classroom on the first floor was privileged to impart education to our saint. The St. Alphonsa Museum -St. Alphonsa Divine Home- is an authentic and wonderful site that treasures and preserves invaluable holy materials used by the saint.

Annakutty joined Clarist convent at Bharananganam in 1927 on the feast of Pentecost. She received the veil postulant on second August 1928 with the name Alphonsa. Her visitation was on 19th May 1930. Later she joined the St. Theresa’s School Chenganacherry for higher studies, on completing which she engaged in teaching for a period of one year at Vakakkad.

Sr. Alphonsa entered the novitiate on 12th August 1935. During this period, she had a severe attack of hemorrhage and it was feared that she would have to be sent back. But on the ninth day of novena held by her and the community seeking the intercession of Fr. Kuriakose Elias Chavera, she was miraculously cured her. She completed the novitiate and made the solemn profession of her religious vows on 12th August 1936.
Sr. Alphonsa continued to have her repeated spells of sickness and pain. She was on a bed of thrones torn and tortured by excruciating pain and prolonged agony. Here was a rejoiced in the lord and magnified Him.

Her death(28th July 1946) was unnoticed by the public. The funeral was simple and thinly attended. But soon the school children, who loved her received favors through her intercession. Her tomb at Bharananganam turned into a great center of pilgrimage attracting people from far and near.

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