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RSS Mangalore Vibhag 360°


RSS Mangalore Vibhag had organized the mega event VibhagMaha Sanghik to commemorate Swami Vivekananda’s 150th birth year. The nearly 2-hour event began with the ‘purnaganavesh'(complete uniform) wearing Swayamsevaks performing several attractive exercise routines in standing and sitting postures.
This was followed by a group song in Kannada, ‘Sadvichaara dhaareyinda chimmali spoorthi (Let great thoughts enable the rise of love and affection).The RSS band which played throughout the event was the cynosure of the evening.
The welcome speech was delivered by Mangalore Vibhag Karyavaaha Shri PS Prakash. He elaborated on the purpose of the Sanghik and welcome to all to the event. He informed the audience that from Shirur to Somvarpet and Kasargod to Karkala was part of Mangalore Vibhag. The Mangalore Vibhag included the districts of Dakshina Kannada, Upudi and Kasargod. He also appraised that Swayamsevaks from 1150 villages are part of this mega Sanghik today. This is the culmination of the mammoth effort of 10 months he said. Nearly 15,000 Swayamsevaks have visited each house in the Vibhag to personally invite them to this event. He also stressed on the fact that even in today’s fast-paced communications, invitation in person has remained the speciality of RSS. He informed that ParamaPujyaShriMohan jiBhagwathas graced the occasion. He introduced the Sarsangchalak to the audience.
Shri. Suresh Joshi (Bhayyaji Joshi), SarKaryavaaha of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was present on the occasion. Shri.Suresh Joshi has been a Pracharak of the RSS since 1971. Shri M Venkataraam, Pranth Sangachaalak and Shri Dr P VamanShenoy, Vibhag Sangachalak were also present on the dais.
Shri.Prakash then extended welcome to all the men, women and the media. He thanked Shri.AJ Shetty, his friends and family for providing the huge land for the occasion. Mahadeshwara Builders who prepared the beautiful stage were also thanked. He also thanked the neighbours of the venue for extending great support for the event.
The welcome speech was followed by a wonderful personal geeth (song), ‘Yuva Manadolindu, Seemonlanganadatavaka’ (Today’s youth want to lunge across the mighty ocean)
This was followed by Shri.Mohan Bhagwatji’s address at the ‘Vibhag anghik’. Following is an excerpt of his speech on the occasion.

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