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Kerala Folklore Museum, Kochi, India


Kerala Folklore Museum, Kochi 360 Virtual Tour

The 360 virtual reality tour of Kerala Folklore Museum, Kochi helps the online visitors to explore the museum from anywhere and at any time.

Kerala Folklore Museum is the only architectural museum in Kerala with the essence of the life and culture of the common man over the past 1000 years.

Kerala Folklore Museum, architectural gallery, comprising the reconstruction of around 25 traditional, heritage buildings from different parts of Kerala. We made the main structure with the help of the above-dismantled buildings to make the biggest architectural installation of Kerala.

This huge architectural installation is based on 3 architectural schools of Kerala namely Malabar architecture, Cochin & Travancore architectural schools. The whole wood art installation was completed with the help of 62 traditional carpenters over a period of 7.5 years.

Kerala Folklore Museum is trying and helping the visitors and enthusiasts to obtain basic information regarding the traditional architectural elements from Kerala. The Museum provides an architectural gallery from wooden flooring to ceiling, and up to roofing tile of the ancient constructions.

The whole structure is made out of wood, Laterite stone and roofing tile, the interior and exterior wooden work of the building is done with antique architectural objects only. This is one of the best specimens of Kerala temple architectural style.

The carved stone basement coupled with 2 stone elephants of the 15th century, the stone frame, and wooden door adds charm to the structure. The wooden rafters on the upper level with rafters’ shoes made of bronze of the 17th century are really appealing This is a classic example of the traditional architecture of Kerala. The columns, intricate wood carving of the ceiling work, stories from Hindu mythology, etc are in comparison.

Kerala Folklore Museum has various antiques that showcase the history, tradition, and cultural differences in different parts of the country. There are costumes of dance forms like Mohiniattam and Theyyam, antique properties. including the oldest Bible. Old writings instruments, antique chairs, etc.


Created by Leen Thobias    P4Panorama


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