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Mulamoottil Eye Hospital, Kerala, India


Mulamoottil Eye Hospital

Mulamoottil Eye Hospital (MEH), one of the most reputed eye care centers in India. Our team of qualified and well-experienced doctors and modern facilities and equipment for diagnosis and treatment ensure you the best in eye care.

We provide you advanced cataract treatment facilities, including Laser Cataract Surgery (blade-free), Micro-Cataract Surgery and Keyhole Cataract Surgery. Mulamoottil Eye Hospital is the first and only center in Kerala to offer Blade – Free Laser Cataract Surgery.

MEH offers totally blade-free LASIK for myopia, long sight and astigmatism. MEH is the second hospital in the country to have this modern facility viz, Alcon Wavelight Refractive Suite. This helps people to get rid of glasses.

MEH offers the best eye care facilities at nominal rates without making any compromise on the quality and standard of treatment.

The Mulamoottil family, which runs the hospital, has a long tradition in eye care that began with late Mulamoottil Mathen Mathai (1855-1934), an eye physician. Inspired by the legacy of his great grandfather, Dr. Ashley Mulamoottil set up the modern eye care center – the Mulamoottil Eye Hospital at Kozhencherry, Kerala, India in 2003 with various Ophthalmologic departments. He is supported by a team of eminent doctors.

The hospital occupies around 50,000 square feet of floor area housed in 6 floors. It is the largest eye hospital in Kerala. MEH caters to over 6000 patients per month and promises each person the best ophthalmic treatment and allied services.

Our commitment to quality
We, at MEH, are proud to offer you:

The Finest Eye Care in India
Friendly and personalized attention from our staff
Highly Qualified Doctors
Imported machinery and equipment sourced from the best manufacturers in USA, Europe & Japan
Medicines procured from reputed and trustworthy multinational companies
Commitment to usage of disposable surgical instruments wherever required as per standards of the American Academy of Ophthalmology
Treatment protocols in line with the guidelines issued by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, London & American Academy of Ophthalmology, USA
Excellent nursing care
Extremely clean surroundings thus preventing any opportunistic infections
MEH will undertake to continuously monitor the protocols and procedures practiced here and will make appropriate upgrades as necessary
MEH will constantly measure patient satisfaction and therapeutic indicators and commit ourselves to constant improvements in patient care, staff training, equipment, etc.
MEH is committed to helping you as fast as possible, as safely as possible and as effectively as possible.
Quality Policy
Mulamoottil Eye Hospital is committed to delight every patient by providing highest Quality Ophthalmic Care, with a personal touch, in a highly safe environment, adopting latest technologies and the continual improvement of the quality management system, involving all our employees.

Dr. Ashley Mulamoottil (Medical Director)

Quality Objectives
To empower employees by providing them with regular training.
To improve public awareness with a view to preventing eye diseases.
To employ competent staff in the hospital.
To provide best care and service to the patients.
To introduce the latest technology in the treatment.
To create 100%, delighted customers.

Our Vision
Mulamoottil Eye Hospital will guarantee each patient the Finest Eye Care available in the world.

Our Tradition in Eye Care
It was in 1885 that Vaidya Ratnam Sri. Mulamoottil Mathen Mathai Vaidyaratnam Sri. Mulamoottil Mathen Mathai started an Ayurvedic eye care practice at his ancestral house in Kozhencherry.

Kozhencherry is situated on the banks of the famous Pamba River in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala state. He had his formal training in traditional ayurvedic medicine from his maternal uncles of Niranom. In those days, the Eye Physicians of Niranom were famous for treatment of all bodily diseases, especially of the eyes. They were the royal physicians.

Having spent his childhood at his maternal house, Mathen Mathai practiced the fine art of traditional medicine and eye care with his uncles and soon gained expertise in traditional eye care. Upon return to Kozhencherry, he started his own practice in 1885. He was a very famous and benevolent eye physician. His house at Mulamoottil in Kozhencherry soon became popular as a center of the treatment of eye disorders. The practice of traditional eye treatment was continued at the ancestral house by succeeding generations. The Eye Physicians of Mulamoottil soon became reputed for the treatment of ailments of the eyes in central Kerala.


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